Dieting? Avoid These Foods

frozen-food-1336013_1920Losing weight can be very challenging especially if it means changing eating habits and the lifestyle you have always cherished. However, you have to leave your comfort zone to achieve this goal. The best place to start is by working out and eating healthy. In addition, you have to take special precaution when shopping for food. Some foods may be advertised as containing low fat or low sugar but in the real sense, may be very rich in calories. You may unknowingly be consuming unhealthy foods when intending to make smart lifestyle decisions. There are some foods that may seem healthy but in actuality are just not nutritious.

Fruit juices: Taking fruit juices and eating the natural fruit, have completely different results when trying to shed some weight. The natural fruit contains fruit fibers while juices contain empty calories. Furthermore, fructose from these juices tricks the body into gaining weight by diminishing its ability to know when it is full. This prompts more eating and can lead to complications such as diabetes.

Frozen foods: In order to make foods last longer, frozen meals are often loaded with sodium, which helps with preservation. This results in eating more and, retaining excess water as the body tries to dilute the extra amount of sodium. This will be counterproductive to your weight loss mission.

White bread: While eating bread may sound healthy, white bread is not friendly if you aim to lose a few pounds. Due, in part, to its high added sugar content, white bread is extremely glycemic meaning, it can prompt a spike in your blood sugar levels.

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Sodas: This is arguably the leading source of empty calories. This means that it has a lot of sugar, filling up the body with lots of calories but contains zero nutritional value. A 330 milliliter can of soda contains 160 calories. Avoid these, at all cost.

Trans fat: This kind of fat is mainly contained in processed foods. Not only does this kind of fat prompt weight gain, but also triggers fat from other sections of the body to be relocated and, stockpiled in the abdominal area. Taking in 8% calories from such fats over a period of 8 years, is bound to gain 7.2% in body weight, according to studies.

Alcohol: Avoid alcohol if you are serious about shedding some weight. Just like soda, alcohol gives lots of empty calories and contains no nutritional worth. Additionally, when the liver is busy trying to detoxify the body of alcohol, it will not be able to burn as much fat as it should, normally. It may also be argued that, alcohol may impair your resolve to stay on the weight loss track, when intoxicated.

Eating healthy is a more sustainable option to losing weight if you are not so much into workouts. In order to lose a pound in one week by exercising alone, you will have to go for a t 2 mph walk for about three and a half hours daily. On the other hand, you will get the same result by reducing your daily calorie consumption by 500 than you expend. This will create a 3,500 calorie deficit in a week and make you lose one pound. In short, healthy eating involves natural foods like fruits, vegetables, proteins and complex carbohydrates in your daily meal portion. It is the most convenient and effective way to achieve weight loss.

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