Easy Exercises To Build Lean Muscle

outdoor-685417_1280As with any other aspect of weight loss or weight gain, it all comes down to the amount of calorie intake versus the calorie yield. Building lean muscle will involve some workout in addition to a healthy diet. There are a number of factors that come into play to attain healthy muscle in an efficient way. When you start exercising, putting stress on the muscles breaks them down, and when you stop, they start to grow as they recover. This is where an appropriate diet, plenty of hydration, and well deserved sleep come in favorably. These exercises don’t have to be for professionals only.

Going all out: It is always advisable to start low and build up to more challenging workouts. Do not be afraid to go higher. Do 10 repetitions of back squats with the weight you are comfortable with, and gradually add on more weights on either side of the bar. When you are comfortably doing 10 repetitions of the current weight, it is time to add more. If you are using your bodyweight, gradually add on more repetitions. This will ensure that you form better muscles without straining the body.

Compound muscle movement exercises: As the name suggests, these are simple workouts that indulge multiple muscles, in addition to multiple joints in one movement. This encourages breakdown of more fibers, meaning that, during muscle recovery, more will be growing and building, compared to single muscle exercises. Such workouts include squats, box jumps, deadlifts and cleans.

Lighter cardio, lower impact exercises: Whereas a good cardio workout promotes blood flow throughout the body including the muscles, it should be kept at a minimum. To form leaner muscles, there should be more strain to them. One can balance it out in such a way that, there are four days of power workouts and two days of light and low impact cardio workouts. However, it is important to note that, the two should not be done on the same day. This may lead to fatigued muscles and increased possibility of injury.

Incremental repetition speed: Once comfortable with the number of repetitions per workout, put more stress on the muscles by doing the repetitions faster. If it takes you four seconds per repetition, decrease the time to about two seconds per repetition. The most important point here is not losing your form when making this change.

In addition to these simple workouts, it is important to correctly time your carbohydrate intake to optimize muscle recovery. It is advisable to take more carbohydrates during breakfast and within a half hour window after rigorous exercises. It is during this short window of time after working out that the body engages restoration. Taking carbohydrates and proteins at this point helps in the replenishment of glycogens, and in turn, speeds up muscle recovery, enhances lean muscle buildup, and improves hormone levels. The tips and recipes found at www.MetabolicCooking.com can help!

The most important of all these points is proper hydration. Experts encourage people doing workout to consume half their bodyweight in ounces of water each day. This keeps muscles saturated, full and healthy. Also, ensure that you get good sleep because it is during this time, that the body will work on building the muscles.

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