Why Many Weight Loss Diets Fail

temptation-513494_1920When on a diet plan, you may experience some factors that seem to be conspiring to make you fail. Others may argue that it is the individual who fails the diet and not the other way round. While this may be true, it can be argued that both views are valid. Statistics suggest that most people participating in a diet program to lose weight rarely complete it successfully or regain weight a few weeks after the routine is completed. There are a number of reasons as to why this occurs.

Fast Paced Diet Programs
The main problem with the diet plans nowadays is the promise of solving your bodyweight problem within the shortest time possible. This is a selling point that has been commercialized to increase participants to these programs. Instead of encouraging minute but incremental changes in your eating habits, most of them brag about the ability to help you achieve your desired goals within a couple of weeks. It is a noble idea but impractical if there is no follow up plan after the program’s duration is over. A sound, steady and well balanced diet routine with emphasis on changing lifestyle habits over a extended period of time ensures the lessons and diets are adhered to in the long run.

Diets That Leave you Starved and Drained
When a diet routine is formulated by an inexperienced person, it may end up doing more harm than good. It is vital to verify the credentials of authors of these programs before participating in them. A diet plan that encourages you to eat less and workout more is detrimental to your health. This is because you will be burning more calories than you are eating. You may end up losing weight faster but you will also be more hungry and drained due to the deficit created.

lean-kitchen-queen-recipes-metabolic-cooking-cookbookBeing a Perpetual on and off Dieter
If you are accustomed to losing and gaining weight, the body in turn, adapts to the diet plans by becoming as efficient as it can be with food. The body will burn less calories when you overeat or when you are resting so as to store more fat. Since the body expects to be starved the next time you are on a diet, it will take this anticipatory measure, leading to more weight gain.

Other Reasons Requiring Medical Assistance
One of the main causes of unsuccessfully losing weight can be attributed to things causing inflammation. These are things that may prompt weight gain by failing insulin resistance. Inflammations maybe caused by gut problems, sensitivities and hidden diet allergies. Studies have also shown that some elements contained in common environmental chemicals such as household cleaners, pesticides and makeup may encourage weight gain. You may try reducing these factors by detoxifying the body, taking probiotics and/or trying an elimination diet to identify allergies. It is advisable to see the doctor if all fails.

Losing weight is not a mystery and has been around for ages. The key to being successful in this quest is patience and consistency. Once you have found a good nutritional program to help you lose a few pounds, you should adhere to the plan not only for the estimated time it takes to complete the program, but also adapt your lifestyle around the lessons learnt more permanently.

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